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Rena Riches
Rena Riches

Rena Riches

Poet. Author. Speaker.

Who is Rena Riches? by Rena Riches

At first glance, I could say I'm a poet, author, speaker, and a plethora of other things, but that is simply what I can do. I could also say I'm a daughter, friend, and colleague , but those are just relationships that give me titles. "Who am I?" is only a question a creator can answer. I am a person, with a soul, being led by God's spirit. "Who am I?" comes with answers that carry as much depth as life itself. I am love expressing itself in this world to the best of my ability. I am growth. I am here. My purpose might express itself in diverse ways, but my source is simple and the same. I love people, purpose, and  the process of discovering who God has truly called us to be. One. 


Birth of Rena Riches EST 2019


Born in Orlando, FL, to the profound Apostle Edward and Mary Pitts, Sirena Pitts is the youngest of 6 children. Rena Riches’ upbringing in a home with parents possessing dynamic spiritual gifts gave her guidance and shaped her mindset a very young age. Guided by their ministry focused on mentoring and development, she swiftly learned the sacrifices of purpose, propelling her into her own journey. Internal discomfort pulled her away from home, leading her to pursue a collegiate basketball career in Michigan and Ohio while majoring in Criminal Justice. In 2019, toward the end of her sophomore year, dreams and moments flooded her mind with words. Overwhelmed, she tearfully confided in her mom, who advised her to simply write the words down. What appeared to be ordinary advice transformed into the genesis of Rena Riches—a revelation that what she thought was her mind unraveling was, in fact, a divine download of poetry from God. Allowing herself to be the host of gifted words has permitted her to become a poet, author, and so much more! Rena Riches focuses on the unveiling of one’s true identity. Through words she guides her audience through a journey beginning at pain and landing them in place of thought provoking growth and awareness. Simply knowing who you are not, is only the beginning of discovering who you are. 

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