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Journals & Books

Discover timeless thoughts with Rich Thinking by Rena Riches. Our collection transcends mere reading, aiming to ignite contemplation. Explore a range of offerings, including poetry books and journals suitable for all ages. Let Rena Riches enrich your bookshelf or be the source of your next meaningful gift to a friend. Elevate your reading experience with literature that leaves a lasting imprint on the mind

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    "March'in for Readers"

Giveaway Submission Form

                                                  Important information 
Please keep in mind that the prize will be for one class. If you nominate a school / program please leave a direct contact providing name and number and email in the extended response section. If you'd like to submit multiple nominations, please submit them separately. Thank you!
Grade Level of Class (Check "K-5" if program/ teacher/ school has all)

Thanks for Your Nomination! May the odds be ever in your favor! Happy National Reading Month!


you'll love what you see

Who Am I -Writing Affirmation Journal for Children is a thought provoking journey that empowers young minds to explore the beauty of self-discovery. Through engaging affirmations and creative writing prompts, children will cultivate a positive self-image, building resilience and confidence.

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