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The Sweeter Side of Style

Martaz’Shia Gibbs was a high school senior and like a lot of teenage girls, she was self-conscious about her appearance. Even though her personality transcended her looks, it was still something that she could not shake. Though she knew beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Martaz’Shia had negative thoughts of her self-worth and appearance. Realizing her negative apprehensions of herself, coupled with her toxic relationship during the time, she decided to change her thoughts, which inevitably changed her vision. This vision is where the reality of Mocha Boutique originated. The vision of Mocha Boutique started in 2015 and came to fruition in 2018. Mocha Boutique officially launched June 8th, 2018, making it more than a year since the success of the boutique — I must say, this is quite an accomplishment for Martaz’Shia. Wanting a way to express her newfound confidence and self-love, Martaz’Shia wanted to share this feeling with other women who may have felt or feel self-conscious. With only her slogan in mind since high school, “The Sweeter Side of Style”, she began to build the Mocha Boutique. The Lingerie and undergarments brand, which caters to women of all shapes and sizes, has Martaz’Shia CEO and Founder ALL FLAVOURS OF CHOCOLATE MARTAZ’SHIA GIBBS core values rooted with the intent of all women feeling sexy and confident regardless of societal standards. The products range from kinky sexy to modestly sexy – which for some women — is open to interpretation. The line offers women the choices in their different interpretations of sexy, leaving women who purchase her products feeling confident. Mocha Boutique is a 100% blackowned and self-operated business. Martaz’Shia takes prides in her work as well as the quality of her products. She describes her boutique as one with the most immaculate level of customer service and a respectable level of personal interactions. Martaz’Shia says it best when she states, “Mocha is me and I pride myself on helping others”. Martaz’Shia’s hope is that her Mocha Boutique not only helps women feel sexy and confident physically but also mentally and spiritually. I’d be remiss to say I did not have the same sentiments as Martaz’Shia. Self-worth is undervalued — an internal contradiction people face at the hands of societal pressures. It is important to glorify self-worth and value in women. Martaz’Shia Gibbs is a living testament of what it means to be a legacy builder, while helping others in the process.

-Pamela Michele

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