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How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying, “No, I Haven’t Tried It: I’ve Been Meaning To!”

Meet Daniel Sheppard. Daniel graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s in African American Studies. He has always had a forward progressing mind for his people and the culture but was unsure of how he would leave his mark for his people.

So, in October 2016, Daniel freestyles a piece that would birth his footprint on the culture he studied. Impressing himself with a talent he did not know he possessed, Daniel decided to dedicate his time to cultivating his new craft.

With the encouragement of his friends and family Daniel, continued to study and practice different types of art and art techniques to develop his style.

Realism is Daniel’s style of choice, motivated to mature to a hyper realism artist.

As a new artist Daniel speaks on the principles of discipline it takes to dedicate himself to advance his skills.

Daniel’s uses his art to promote and showcase ALL things that are African/black/brown. Daniel wants his images to articulate the intricacies and true beauty of black and brown skin. Reiterating the beauty of self-acceptance and love lacking within his community.

As a student of African Africana Studies Daniel knows to well the struggles of his community, however, he uses his art to capture the joy and love he experiences within the community he wants to progress.

Never expecting a hobby to turn into a business he uses to influence the minds of those who view his art. Daniel, creates


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